Foam Parties

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the foam slippery?
No, it has the same viscosity as water. It does not have soap-like qualities.

Will it make the floor wet?
Yes, it has water, and water will make your floor wet. Our solutions are the
driest foam in the industry. If someone says their foam is dry foam, it is untrue. You cannot have foam without water.

Do our foam guests get wet?
They get damp but not soaking wet. It also depends if they sit in the foam vs. stand in the foam.

How long will the foam last?
It all depends on how many people play in the foam. As more people play in the foam, they break the bubbles. But usually, if foam is untouched, it can last for hours.

At the end of the night, what happens to the foam?
If you let the foam dry out, it will turn to a powder that can be swept up. It does not leave any sticky residue. Depending on the amount of water and foam you use, you can have left over water on the floor, which can be mopped up.

Does the foam hurt your eyes or skin?
The foam has hypoallergenic cosmetic grade chemicals that will not hurt your eyes or skin. Our foam solutions also have a moisturizer for the skin. It is important to note that, if the floors have been cleaned with bleach, it can react with the foam.

How long does 50 gallons of foam last running through the X-Stream II?
On the average it will last 40 minutes. (depending on relative humidity)

How much foam can we make?
We can make 510 cubic square feet per minute.The X-Stream II uses 1.2 gallons water per minute of solution. That is 24,000 sq feet of Foam for 50 gal water.

How do you contain the Foam?
There are many ways to accomplish this. Some ways are by using an inflatable pit, building a containment area, using the dance floor or just by using a nice grassy area.

What kind of events has foam been used for lately?
Foam has been traditionally used for nightclubs, dances and raves. Lately foam has been used at company picnics, school events, summer camps, birthday parties, festivals, carnival, city events, church's as the main attraction. Every one of all ages loves to play in foam.

Does the foam hurt the lawn or trees?
All our foam solutions are biodegradable and do no harm any living thing.

Facts on Foam Parties

A Foam Party
A foam party is a social event in which participants are lathered up with soap-like suds, usually dispensed from a special machine or cannon. Reputable foam party companies do NOT make their foam from soap; special hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-staining and non-irritating solutions are used. Foam parties often take place at night clubs, where music, dance, and social drinking occur.

Typically bathing suits or beach attire is worn to such an event, but it is often possible to go there fully clothed. However, many people peel down once they get into the spirit of the party because the foam eventually soaks clothes, making them very uncomfortable (foamy clothes feel worse than merely wet clothes). In some cases, however, the opposite applies and people will attend in the clothes they would wear to any other parties, to add to the fun of the occasion. In this case there will often be a pool in which people will bathe in to get the foam out of the clothes.

The height of applied foam can vary between a few feet to 7 feet. In latter cases it can be difficult for participants to maintain a sense of direction.

It is often possible to tell that a foam party is occurring, as participants may inadvertently carry foam outside with them, leaving traces outside the door.

Foam dispensers

For the distribution of the foam special equipment is required. This can be installed permanently at the club or rented from companies specializing in foam parties. The foam is often blown on the dance floor or blown through a finely meshed bag hanging from the ceiling. The distribution of foam often resembles a blizzard, or resembles a bubble bath overflowing.

Regularly scheduled foam parties

Some establishments have weekly foam parties throughout the summer, and include such features as a hot tub to maintain the beach party atmosphere. Alternatively foam parties can be a one-off event, such as a party at the end of a school year, or the like.


Foam parties can damage the floor of the discotheque. They should not be held in discotheques with wooden floors. Before starting a foam party it should be checked that there is no way for foam to get into electrical equipment. Otherwise, there is a danger of electrocution. Additionally, all electrical equipment in the area should be on a Balance Fault Interruptor (BFI) or similar device that disconnects electricity whenever there is a current to ground. Other security problems occur from slippage and the danger that steps in the discotheques or obstacles like bar seats and tables cannot be seen, especially at high foam level.

Visitors of foam parties must also protect electronic devices like cameras and mobile phones from the foam, because it may damage them.

Some use disclaimer that waives

Some venues require atendees to sign a disclaimer that waives their legal rights in the event of certain accidents.

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Foam party scene at college nightclubs are #1 use of foam

Machines rents for 650.00 day, full service starts at 1150.00

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