Fake snow machine rentals and full production services for falling snow showers just like Disney

We can provide Snow that is as Real as Mothers Nature's, Powder Snow!

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Technology for all of your Wintertainment needs.

The Magic of Real Snow, not Chopped ice, but real power snow.
Zigmont Magic FX can make your customers' snow experience magical with SnowMasters Special Effects SnowMagic®. These companies are leaders in the industry with interactive themed experiences for parks, events, attractions and more, now brings the ultimate snow experience... in fact, it's so magical, it's SnowMagic®

Zigmont Magic FX and SnowMasters' utilization of SnowMagic's Infinite Crystals Snowmaking (ICS) technology is ideal for Movie Production, TV commercials, Theme Parks, Resorts, Municipalities, Sporting and Recreation Facilities.

This temperature-independent snowmaking system is designed to work in the most challenging conditions. Unlike traditional snowmaking equipment that works only at temperatures significantly below 32F, the ICS system works in any temperature by freezing water to create tiny snow crystals regardless of the ambient temperature. Utilizing patented high compression technology, the snow crystals are blown out with explosive force, creating snow with a natural feel and texture, with an average micron size (diameter) of 0.3 millimeters.

snowmagic real snow

Nationwide services for ground snow, exactly when and where you need it; even indoor snowmaking is possible, allowing venues to add snow attractions where one might least expect them.
SnowMagic® Features:

• SnowMagic® mobile units can make snow cost-effective, easier and faster.
• Makes snow regardless of ambient temperature.
• Available for short or long-term events.

Snowmagic is a system that employees a tractor trailer as see in the photo below and starts at 35,000.00 Plus you need Electric and Water.

40-ton mobile unit

40-ton mobile unit can produce tons of snow a day and is the perfect solution for creating a winter environment for special events, parties and film or television shoots.

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Video of The Magic Behind Snowmagic Real Snow Systems

SnowMaking Capacity (tons per day)
50 ton 100 ton 150 ton 200 ton
Snow Production:
(at 70° F, measured in cubic feet): 3,600 cu. ft. 7,200 cu. ft. 10,600 cu. ft. 14,400 cu. ft.
Electrical Max kW
Energy Use (kW/ton) 151
58.83 248/ 48.24 362 / 47.30 545/ 51.24
Water (gpm) SnowMaker 9.2/ 18.3 / 27.5 / 36.6
Evaporators 3.8 / 6.8 / 9.8 / 13.6

SnowMagic Entertainment USA, Inc. uses a technology originally developed and patented by Piste Snow Industries Co., Ltd. of Japan. In 1993, SnowMagic manufactured the world's first temperature independent snow creating system called ICS™.

snowmagic real snow

Chopped Ice for Snow for Outdoors

A 20 x 30 foot area of snow 6 inches deep is 6-8 tons (depending on time of year) of ice that is chopped. A crew will visit your location and in about an hour later have a snow zone full with fresh made snow that will last the whole day. We able to do this any time of the year.

This is Chopped ice snow which is priced by the ton which can cost can range from 3000.00 dollars.

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Real Snow Chipped Ice Service
This service system is the next best thing to snow itself. Will work in any climate. Definitely the more expensive
process due to the amount of labor involved, however provides the greatest results. Requires an experienced crew
and coordinator to facilitate. No clean up is required. It takes a few trucks and a hand full of tech to get the job done.

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