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We Offer Over A Dozen Different Professional Artificial Snow Machine Rental Options to Select From and this os our commercial machines used for large areas form TV commercial, Movies and Concerts.

Commercial Series of Snow Machines

fake snow  blizzard snow cannon

fake snow  machinespower head  tour  fake snow machinefake snow  machinestube power head fake  snow machinefake snow  snowboy snow fake machine roam around with the back pack SNOWboy snow machineblizzard snow cannon fake snow machinefake snow  machines  cannon

Our Commercial full service machines are the best machines for Falling Roof Top snow (like Disney), used for malls Santa arrival, theme parks, city tree lighting, city blocks, films, movies, city parks our Imported Snow Machines from Around The World.

Let our Special Effects Designer help you make your event a unforgettable snow display, we have all brand of Professional Snow Machines. We are not a manufacturer of FX machines, we are a service base business able to spend 100% of our time focused on your event.

snow falling at Fox Theater for CBS movie permier

Fox Theater CBS Premiere Elfs Story

Commercial or Industrial Series Of Snow Machines

The Commercial series of which uses a different fluid can consumes a Gallon an hour and the larger snow cannons can use a gal in 18 minutes to 3 - 6 gals an hour. The commercial series snow machines is a wetter show that lasts longer and covers more ground due to the powerful fans

Commercial or Industrial Series Of Snow Machines

fake snow  power head  fake snow machinefake snow   machinepower head fake  snow machineblizzard snow cannon fake snow machinefake snow  snowboy movie fake snow machinefake snow  SNOWboy Stage Whisper fake snow machine

The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity "Silent" operation DMX controllable snow machine.

The Most powerful snow machines in the special effects industry.

The Commercial series is a high fluid consumption and powerful, and intense outrageous output that can leave snow of the ground used for Commercial applications such as TV, Film, Movies, City Events and Studio work and events such as a city tree holiday tree lighting. These units use more fluid in 15 minutes than the professional series use in and hour but you can't have huge volume without huge consumption.

(1) The First Option in the Commercial Series for Hire Service Applications is the Power Blizzard Snow Cannon Mega Capacity Snow Machine;

We offer giant output falling snow generators from Universal Effects, the Commercial Series are probably the largest (dry foam) falling snow machine available in the world today and you will not find this machine anywhere else in the States. You won't find them available elsewhere. These units are weather proof.

Disneyland France uses 16 of these units for the holidays snow showers as well as Disney Hong Kong. This system of power fans and huge snow head design (by Universal-Effects ) is both innovative and unique, the principle having been patented throughout the world. The combined use of bases with multiples heads provide for several possibilities. Made out of aluminium and stainless steel, these products are made to last. Each component has been chosen for its quality and efficiency. Consumption of snow liquid from 8 to 16 Gal/hrs.

fake snow  blizzard snow cannonfake snow  blizzard cannon fake snow machine fake snow machinemega snow  machine cannon

The most amazing output of snow in the industry, more snow than any other machine period.

For a Serbian-Russian Winter Look we use the Blizzard Snow Cannon, The largest output of Snow Machine we offer. With Universal-Effects SNOW MACHINES, nothing is easier than producing snow throughout the seasons. These machines spray far and wide. They are designed for professionals working in live entertainment, recreation, events, television and cinema. Our “Power Snow Machines” are powerful, weather proof and reliable, and allow for the adjustment of the size of the snowflakes.

Designed for our professional effect specialists and will be used as a service for hire this 2010 season, the new (Roof/Ground) Blizzard Snow Cannon put the blizzard coverage exactly were you want it with an intense, amazingly realistic snow effect. This the largest special effect snow generator (32x36x36) with 8 times the volume output of the T-1500 max and the longer distance's than the T-1500 Max. This Snow Cannon forces the snow to blows 68 ft - 72 Ft. ( up to 100 Feet Plus with a breeze)with the a powerful 20 inch 2HP fan which blows 47 MPH @ 8652 CFM which is double the CMF of the T-1500. The Snow Cannon is a 2 Horse power fan blower.

fake snow  instant Blizzard  machine

The Blizzard Snow Cannon snow machine is a 250,000 flakes per min unit. A T-1000 has the output of 15,000 Flakes per minute, a T-1600 has 12,000 flakes per min, a T-1500 Mini 20,000 per min and T-1500 Max is 25,000 per min and a T-1100 is 8,000 per min where as a consumer brand machine a non Snowmasters label is 1200 flakes per min or less. The dry foam snow fluid slowly melts away contact with any surface. Two Units can cover 7000 square foot, The sound output is similar to that of an air conditioning unit, a low level noise that is easily masked by wind or street activity This option is hire only with a tech. Works great on a scissor lift or boom lift. Requires 19 amps 115 volts and needs a 30 amp circuit at 118 Volts. This may need a 220 distro box to 120 volts dropped to the machine.

  snow cannon  turntable

fake snow  Blizzard snow cannon shooting  an area

The Blizzard Snow Cannon in Action.

The Snow Blizzard Cannon for Movie Projects

snow machine making fake snowfake snow  blizzard cannon fake snow machine output

When huge amount of snow is needed on demand with minimum gear, the Blizzard snow cannon is the answer. These machines use a lot of fluid, the Blizzard Snow Cannon machine consumes 3 - 6 Gallons of Snow fluid every 30 minutes, with a 16 gallon external tank the snow will last 72 minutes. Noise is 91Db indoor and 81 dB outdoor (low level noise that is easily masked by wind or street activity) and fluid consumption rate of fluid is 16 for 72 minutes of operation. This one machine is like more than ten T-1000's which would use 10 gals of fluid. The Snow cannon make smaller and larger snow flakes.


Look at that output! Blizzard On Demand

fake snow  huge snow output from blizzard snow cannon  output of snow

the worlds largest fake  snow machine

This is the worlds largest fake snow machine with the biggest output. We have the top 6 under this machine.

The Blizzard Snow Cannon produces a huge amount of fake snow which is a dry like snow. These units are used at Disneyland Hong Kong. Below is a instant blizzard.

Santa's helpers... complete with snow showers over Main Street Disney France With 16 Powersnow 500 machines.

fake snow  Blizzard snow cannon at an event



(2) The Second Option in the Commercial Series is the Perfect Storm Blizzard Cannon;

fake snow  Perfect Storm  fake snow blizzard cannonmonster snow cannon machineperfect storm snow machine

snow machine 1800 watt case

Puts out an huge amount of snow and has 3 snow outputs.

fake snow  blizzard cannon snow machine output  high in the airfake snow  machine huge snow output from Instant Blizzard snow cannon shooting

blizzard snow cannon snow machine

This Monster Blizzard Storm Cannon 1800 Watt Snow Machine has 3 output heads and has an enormous snow output. These machines project snow over a long, widespread distances with the 22 inch output head. They are designed for the professionals of the film and entertainment industry, are powerful, reliable and allow the size of the flakes to be adjusted. The turbo fan forces and sprays the snow in a wide and long distances of 60 feet. The sound output is similar to that of an loud fan, a low level noise that is easily masked by wind or street activity. The Snow Cannon Blows is 4 foot long with the a powerful 18 inch 1HP 1800 watt fan which blows 47 MPH @ 5000 CFM.


Covers a large area.


(3) The Third Option in the Commercial Series for Service Hire Jobs with Great Coverage for Snow Events and TV and Film Action SNOWboy SP Model;


SNOWboy Snow machine

A small hand held unit that is easily mounted to provide falling snow with an intense, amazingly realistic effect output. The SNOWboy combined with an effects fan can make heavy blizzard up to 50 feet and is a s a 150,000 flakes per min unit. Do you need to follow the Camera action with a intense snow effect SNOWboy is the answer for following the camera action. Creating snowflakes using a special dry foam fluid, the snowflakes delivered are of consistent size and shape. The flake size is easily and accurately adjustable, from medium large down to an almost powder snow size. SNOWboy SP is has been used extensively in the film, theatre and television industries in Europe, This model is to create realistic snow effects or snow shows where conditions warrants more performance than the professional series. We use with SNOWboy fluid for the SNOWboy look of huge volume of snow.

The rapid rate of evaporation makes them suitable for close up camera work, stage work, studio work where the snow needs to appear fast and evaporate quickly.
Coverage: A curtain of snow with a 20 Ft spray of snow in a 30 degree arc, will create snowfall over a medium area.
When in use, the machine makes a noise comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner in the next room. Consumes 1/2 gal in 15 minutes 1 Gallon of Snow fluid every 30 minutes.

One Gal of Snow Fluid will last approximately 16 minutes when the machine is run continuously on a medium flake setting.


 (4) The Fourth Options in the Commercial Series is The Snow Tour and The Snow Tube Machines Applications;

Two Models of Power Snow is The Snow Tour and The Snow Tube

fake snow machinesfake snow machine

Power Snow Tube and Tour- The Newest Generation of Massive Snowfall Machines from Universal Effects. With the ability of Power Snow Tube you can have a Serbia Winter snow storm indoors or outside. These units are weather proof. These machines throw 40 - 60 feet outdoors with a consumption rate of 1 gals every 1.5 hours. It would take 3.5 T-1500's to do what this one machine is capability of. Compact and powerful Snow machine to be hung or put on the ground. Designed for easy use, low noise and very reliable. Works great at events for walk in the building, as well in concert, theatre or TV shows. The electric is a easy 1100 watts at 5 amps. Works by compressed air without pump so very little moving parts.


We will be renting the snowtube in 2012, NOBODY ELSE HAS MACHINE LIKE THESE - NOBODY!

.fake snow  machinespower head tour demo of fake snow  massive  voluefake snow  machine output  in a studio

The one to the left (the ATA case machine) is the Power Snow Tour model in a ATA case with DMX and has to be one of the quietest machine made. The snow volume is huge and the flake size is adjustable.

The one to the right (round machine) is the Power Snow Tube model. The snow tube provides more snow than the snow tour.

Look at what Our Commercial Series Snow machine can do!

snow tube snow machine

These Power Snow units are becoming the indisputable reference for powerful industrial work-horse high volume snow machines.


  The both of these machines are powerful and have huge volume of snow in different packaging with snow traveling to 40-60 ft in a wide arc and using a Gallon of snow juice in 1.5 hours. These machine spray far due to a built in effects fan equals more snow than than any other snow machines in this class with a 100,000 flakes per min unit.

Our New Florida Mega Snow Machine called the Snow Tube is the right choice for Snow Showers at outdoor Events or indoor studio jobs. This new mega snow machine with 100,000 bubbles per minute in a light weight low power machine with a powerful fan. These machines acts like 4 - 5 T 1000’s and consumes the fluid of 4 - 5 machines at 4 gal an hour. Consumes 1 Gallon in 1.5 hours of snowing according to the snow flake size which is adjustable. This is the same technology of the Blizzard Cannon. The Machine will create a realistic, self clearing falling snow effect over a large area. The snow tube machine is very low noise model.




fake snow  snow tour mega snow machine at the gaylord national resort

That is 50 feet of intense snow, from small to large snow flakes.


The Snow Tube Snow Machine in use at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort

The Power Snow snow machines are mid size units (Power Snow Tour 30 x19 x18 /Power Snow Tube 24 x18 x18) with a large and powerful punch. Either one can be used as floor or standing model or can be hung up on truss or tripods, both of these machines will produce a Huge snow falling effect indoors or outside and are the newest weapons in our aerial of snow machines.

 Snow Tube Snow Machine on large flakes and intense snow volume.

fake snow  power head tube volume demo

The volume output shown in these photos

fake snow  power head tour demo of fake snow

fake snow  in the air


For snow show events that need and want more snow with less machines, but uses more fluid than the professional series.


The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity "Silent" operation DMX controllable snow machine.

Antari S-500 Snow Machine - 1,200 Watts, Extendeable Nozzle, Travel Case with 20L Tank

This is non evapotive snow, not recconded for indoors amd will leave foam on the ground. The perfect machines for snow in movies TV commericals.

The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity "Silent" operation DMX controllable snow machine.
Nozzle is truss mountable while control and fluid remain conveniently on the floor.
Power Consumption: 1,200W
Output : 400 ml / min
Tank Capacity: 20 Liter
DMX: On board

Snow Fluids

We now have Value Snow fluid is recommended for use when slight residue or a “wetter” snow is not a concern. Produces a heavier flake which does allows more volume of larger flakes as much small flake snow output.

Extra Dry Snow Juice Fluid - Most Popular Evaporative Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

PERFECT Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes Perfect (30-50 Foot Float / Drop) Low Residue Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

DRY Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes (50-75 Foot Float / Drop) Low Residue Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

LONG LASTING Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes (75 Foot Plus Float / Drop) Slow Evaporation Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.


We carry fluids from Snowmasters for the Professional Series and Snowboy for the Commercial Series and Studio Series machines. Different machines can use different fluid.

Now with Scented Snow Fluid We can provide custom scents to further the experience.

snow fluid

These fluids are lightly scented and evaporate at the same time that the snow evaporates. As with our other solutions guaranteed never to clog our machine or leave residue. One gallon produces up to 60 minutes of continuous snow depending on the desired size of the snowflake

Biodegradable Certified Fluid

The snow fluid is aerated and the scents are produced as the snow is sprayed. These are the scents are;

"Apple Cinnamon"
"Brown Sugar"
"Christmas Morning
"Cinnamon Bun"

 Snow Machine Renting and User Guide 101

Snow Machine Rental Pricing Cut Sheet 2014 PDF

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